Winsharp Gender Reveal Golf Balls Exploding Golf Ball Set – 2 Balls – 1 Pink & Blue Plus Golf Tees and 20 Pink and 20 Blue Baby Gender Voting Stickers

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  • Sale Price: $9.99
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  • PACKED WITH POWDER - Each ball contains a TON of powder inside for the best cloud of colored smoke! SWING HARD FOR BEST RESULTS!
  • REMOVABLE STICKER - Indicating the blue or pink powder inside. Each set contains 1 BLUE and 1 PINK golf ball, plus 2 authentic white, wooden golf tees and 20 each of pink & blue voting stickers!
  • FULLY GUARANTEED - At Winsharp, we guarantee our quality, however if you happen to be unsatisfied, please contact us and we will make things right, that's our promise!
  • NON-TOXIC + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - We use the highest quality, safest materials. Stand back when golfers are swinging and enjoy your baby reveal!
  • PERFECT GIFT - Expecting parents LOVE this gift if they are into golfing! With one tee for both mom and dad. 1 Premium pink + 1 Premium blue ball + 2 wooden tees per box and 40 total voting stickers with room for names!

Product Details

Product Description


Have a baby on the way? Winsharp has you covered! Our gender reveal golf balls are the best way to surprise your family and friends!"

Our realistic looking gender reveal golf balls come with both pink and blue balls to reveal the gender of your baby perfectly.  We've also added a BONUS set of 20 BLUE and 20 PINK voting stickers so your family and friends can vote if the baby will be a boy or a girl plus 2 wooden golf tees. Simply remove the colored dot, tee up your ball, and swing away to experience an exciting burst of color for everyone!


By purchasing from Winsharp, you are supporting a North Americam brand, we truly value your purchase and are determined to give you the best gender reveal experience possible.  If you have any questions or comments for us, we are always glad to help you through the "contact us" feature.


While we don't recommend wearing your whitest, brightest Shoes while hitting the ball, our powders are non toxic, and safe for everyone.  Stand back from whoever is performing the gender reveal, and make sure to swing hard for the best explosion of color, but don't miss! Enjoy this special day!

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