3 Pack Ammeltz Yoko Fast Relief Aches Muscular Pains 48 Ml

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  • Analgesic Liquid AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Easy to apply Relieve Muscular Aches
  • 3 x 48ml

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Product Description

Ammeltz YoKo YoKO is an amazing Antiphlogistic and Analgesic Liquid that offers fast and pain relief for stiffness of the shoulder and neck, muscular pain, low pack pain, bruises, sprains and joint pain. A best seller in Japan, it has been trusted for many generations. Now, it's latest packaging comes with a convenient rubber sponge applicator and contains the active ingredients of Glycol Salicylate, Q-Methol, Benzyl Nicotinate and Vanillylaimide Nonylate. This new formula is convenient for self application and comes with a pleasant and mild herbal smell. We are lucky today that these herbal formulas has been preserved and repacked into hygienic bottles in clean, modern and hygienic production lines. Whether you are an active martial arts practitioner or simply suffering from pain from sitting too long at the computer, you will find having a ready bottle of YoKoYoko at your disposal does make a difference between suffering in pain or having your pain greatly relieved immediately. Yes, there are pills, pain killers and surgeries available in Western medicine but if you are a true martial arts practioner or sportsmen, you will abhor the idea of foreign or invasive elements into your body! Apply YokoYoko directly to affected area and get immediate and effective pain relief! Small and convenient to have a bottle in the bag, in the car or besides the bed.

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