Baby Tooth Box ,Wooden Kids Keepsake Organizer for Baby Teeth, Cute Children Tooth Container with Tweezers and lanugo Bottle to Keep the Childhood Memory (Girl)

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  • Material: made of pine wood, corrosion resistant and durable, suitable for long-term dental storage, odorless, there is a smell of wood.
  • The separate collection - each tooth has a hole corresponding to the holder and can write specific dates of tooth drop, it makes a lot of sense.
  • Two types: boy and girl, it's cute, this is a great gift for your children, and when they grow up, it will be a wonderful memory, since every deciduous tooth is unique to the child, and keeps a memorable moment on growth. The box of tooth memories will be a precious family memory for the coming years.
  • Dimensions: 12.3 * 12.5 * 3 cm; Weight: 170g, 2 different styles of cartoon (boy and girl). Package: 1 x souvenir box, 1 x tweezers, 1x bottle.
  • Using tweezers and cotton, you can easily and hygienically put your teeth in the box. Not only can you protect your child's teeth, but you can also put the umbilical and lanugo cord in a bottle and give your child a complete childhood memory.

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Has your child grown too fast? Preserve these precious memories of your little one with this baby tooth Organizer Box! This box allows you to keep your baby's milk teeth when it falls. Also perfect as gifts! Each deciduous tooth is unique to the child, because it saves memorable moments on the child's growth.


Separate drawing for the boy / girl

Made of 100% pine wood.

Corrosion resistant and durable for long-time tooth preservation.

Protect and organize baby's teeth

Help the parent keep records for every tooth of deciduous child

Makes a great gift for the newborn baby or birthday present

How to handle baby's tooth:

Step 1: replace the child's teeth. When children get around 6 years old, his teeth are always deciduous. The specific time varies in each case.

Step 2: keep a good memory. After taking the child to extract his teeth, do not forget to keep these cute teeth. A piece of memory that will be loved and thanked for your family in the future!

Step 3: sterilize the extracted teeth. Put the baby's tooth extract in boiling water for about five minutes.

Step 4: dry natural teeth. Sterilized teeth must be placed in a place with good ventilation.

Step 5: keep a record. Write related information

Package include

1 x baby tooth box

1 x tweezers

1 x bottle

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